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State law requires all dogs are to be licensed.

Juneau County will be going to a new online system for dog licensing for the 2022 year. It will no longer go through Town of Lyndon. 

License(s) due April 1st.  Per Sec. 4-19 Juneau County Code of Ordinances:

Each Spayed/Neutered Dog-$12.00 Unaltered Dog- $15.00

There will be a late penalty of $15.00 on all licenses purchased after April 1st except newly acquired dogs which reach the age of 5 months after April 1st.


Dog Licensing

Information is listed below on how to get to the dog licensing website.

Please note fees for Spayed/Neutered is $12.00 and Un-Altered is $15.00.

If you have any questions please call or email the:

County Clerk’s office

Phone: 608-847-9300

Email: [email protected]


QR Code pictured below: (Open camera feature on smartphone, hold phone over the code, click the link that pops up then it will take you right to the website.)